Mobile Learning ist ein Schlagwort, das mir bisher nicht so eingeleuchtet hat. Statt Bücher zu lesen, Inhalte auf dem Handy bearbeiten? Hier dazu ein interessanter Beitrag aus dem Blog Moving at the Speed of Creativity, der nach einem ganzen neuen Typ von Unterricht und Lehrer verlangt.

1. Students learn to make good decisions by MAKING DECISIONS. …If we truly want students to develop traditional as well as digital citizenship skills, and we want them to develop their capacities for ethical decisionmaking, we have to provide them with opportunities to MAKE DECISIONS. Cell phones do NOT fit into a classroom which is organized traditionally as the teacher serving as the sole font of knowledge. If the classroom experience is 100% about “filling a pail” (the students’ brains with information) then cell phones have no place. If, on the other hand, we are interested in helping students not only learn content knowledge but also how to MAKE CONNECTIONS between knowledge domains (something James Stigler contends should be a hallmark of school 2.0) and develop their capacities and dispositions for ethical decision making, then utilizing cell phones for learning in appropriate ways makes a great deal of sense.

2. Students learn best when they PARTICIPATE. This is the case for active instead of passive learning. Inviting students to thoughtfully and appropriately use cell phones to support their learning process is, in most cases, an inherently active process. (Watching a video on a cell phone might not be, but using the mobile device as a portable audio recorder, a digital camera for documentation of images taken “in the field,” or even to respond to a mobile poll all involve active participation.) If educators are interested in active (and therefore more effective) learning strategies, then I think the topic of ways cell phones can be used for learning will be viewed as relevant and timely.

One thought on “Handys im Klassenzimmer?

  1. Handys gehören nicht ins Klassenzimmer!

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